Provider Credentialing List

The Provider Credentialing List will display all insurance credential details added for the provider in their Billing Settings of the provider profile. 

Locate the Credentialing List

  1. Navigate to the Admin menu and select Provider Credentialing List.
  2. Select the Company of choice from the drop-down menu and click Search.
  3. The results will display all provider credentials for the Company selected. Each credential is listed on a separate line. We recommend grouping by Provider Code, so you can easily see all credentials for the provider. Note: Click here to learn more about how to group, sort, and filter reports.

  4.  If the Provider was given multiple Billing Settings in their provider profile, their name will be displayed multiple times on the list. This is really common, so you can group the table by provider code to create a more cohesive view.
  5. Print or Export the list as needed.
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