Move Payments (Error Corrections)

Move patient and insurance payments from the Error Corrections page.

To Insurance, To Patient, and Delete CheckBoxes

Each transaction line has three checkboxes. You can use these checkboxes to easily move or delete payments from charge lines.

  • To Insurance: Moves insurance money off of a charge line to an insurance overpayment line.
  • To Patient: Moves patient money off of a charge line into Unassigned Payments. This is only available if the patient money was originally posted directly onto the charge line, not Unassigned Payments.
  • Delete: This checkbox has two separate functions, depending on the availability of the other checkboxes.

Delete Checkbox Options

  • If the other two checkboxes are unavailable, the money is sent back to Unassigned Payments.
  • If the other two checkboxes are available, the payments are permanently deleted.

Moving Patient Payments Back to Unassigned Payments

If there is an error in posting or processing, a patient may be assigned an incorrect balance resulting in an incorrect allocation of Unassigned Payments. When this occurs, you can move the MACRO payments back to Unassigned Payments so you can correct the payment or adjustment and reassign the patient a correct balance.

MACROs: Patient payments that move from Unassigned Payments to an open charge line.

  • You must delete a MACRO payment to move patient money back to Unassigned Payments.
  • The system moves the patient payment back out of Unassigned Payments to the open balance during its nightly process.
  • If a patient payment is deleted in Unassigned Payments, the system automatically removes any MACRO payments applied to charges.

Selecting Delete on a MACRO payment does not delete the payment from the system. By checking Delete, you are simply sending the payment amount back to Unassigned Payments.

Click Save to complete your correction.

Move an Insurance Payment From a Charge Line to an Insurance Overpayment Line

If an insurance payment was posted to a charge line and needs to be placed on an overpayment line, you can do this without deleting and reposting the payment.

  1. Check the corresponding To Ins. box.
  2. Select Save.
  3. The payment is moved to the insurance overline, displayed as INSOVER.

If you are moving multiple lines, the first payment shows in Unassigned Payments as MACRO to the INSOVER line. All others go directly to the INSOVER line. If an insurance payment is shown as a MACRO on an INSOVER line, do not move it back to Unassigned Payments. The payment will not move back out of Unassigned Payments and will need to be reposted.

Moving Payments/Adjustments to a Different Charge Line

If a payment is posted to the wrong charge, you can move the payment and adjustment without deleting and reposting.

  1. Enter the Date of Service you would like to move the payment to and the Date of Service you are transferring from and then click Search.
  2. For each charge line, determine where the payment will be moved to. For this example, we want to move the $10 payment from Charge ID 491729274 with a DOS of 4/12/2020 to the DOS 5/17/2020. 
  3. Copy the blue charge ID for that line. For this example, it is 491729284.
  4. Click on the ID where the payment/adjustment is currently located. For this example, it is 491729274.
  5. Paste the Charge ID into the To Charge field.
  6. Click Save. The payment/adjustment has now moved.

Follow the same procedure for each payment that needs to be moved. After all changes are made, confirm that the balances are correct and that any remaining balance is out to the correct responsible party.

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