Patient Credits Report

Use this report to easily audit accounts that show insurance and/or patient credits that have yet to be distributed to charges. It is more informational rather than something that needs to be worked regularly.

  1. Select AR-Follow Up, then click Patient Credits Report.
  2. Complete the Search Criteria. We recommend checking the Show Inactive Accounts checkbox.
  3. The search results display the patients that fall within the criteria.
  4. To prioritize patient accounts, we recommend sorting by the Balance Remaining (in descending (largest to smallest) order), Credit Type, or Insurance columns. In this example we sorted the Balance Remaining column in descending order. 
  5. Research any patients with a large balance. Accounts with credit balances should be worked in the following order:
    1. Insurances
      • Medicare / Federal (Work patient credit balances for these insurances at the same time.) 
    2. Patient
  6. To drill down into the patient balance, click the Balance Remaining amount for that patient. This will open the patient's Unassigned Payments screen.

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