Payer Matched Multiple Insurances on Charge

You'll receive the Payer matched multiple insurances on charge error when the primary and secondary insurances on the patient's case have the same Payer. While these are two different insurances (with separate insurance codes), the system recognizes that they are both have the same payer.

How to Resolve

  • For this example, the patient has two different Blue Cross Blue Shield insurances on their account. 
  • Because the Release 835 page looks at the payer to determine how the charges should be released, when you're releasing charges where both the primary and secondary have the same payer, the system does not know which insurance is primary and which is secondary. 
    • If you're releasing the EOB from the primary insurance, no action is needed, the system will automatically post the payments and adjustments as expected. 
    • If you're releasing the EOB from the secondary insurance, you'll often get the error Payer matched multiple insurances on charge; Charge left with a credit balance. This is because the system posted the EOB as if it were for the primary insurance. This means that the adjustments were posted for the secondary and will need to be deleted for each charge line. The resolution process is the same as described here
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