Patient account was not found

If you receive the Patient account was not found error when releasing your 835s, action is required because the payments did not post during the release process. 

This error indicates that the patient account number does not match a WebPT Billing account number. This can occur when the claim was not billed out of WebPT Billing or the account number is wrong. A common reason for incorrect account numbers is caused by the insurance company dropping off your company's 3-digit code from the patient ID. 

Locate the Patient

  1. Search by patient name. 
  2. If you cannot locate the patient, check the Show Inactive Patients checkbox on the Patient Search window. 
  3. Finally, search your previous billing system. The payment may need to be applied in your previous billing software.


If the account number was wrong, post the payment manually using Batch Payments. If the payment belongs in your other system, post it there. 

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