WebPT Billing: Diagnosis Code Ordering

In this article, we’ll cover how diagnosis codes are integrated with WebPT Billing, and how to reorder the diagnosis codes within the system. 

Adding Diagnosis Codes

There are three places where diagnosis codes are added in the EMR. This is how they work together.

  • Diagnosis (Case): Diagnosis Codes can be added when creating the patient’s case in the WebPT EMR. This code is typically sent by the referring physician as the reason for the patient’s referral.
  • Diagnosis (Note): The Diagnosis section of the patient note and the Case diagnosis are connected. The diagnosis on the case will be updated automatically if the therapist enters new diagnosis codes into the Diagnosis section of the patient note. This ensures the case reflects the most current diagnoses.
  • Treatment Diagnosis (Note): This section of the patient note is where the therapist indicates what the patient is being treated for. These diagnosis codes are the ones that go on the claim in WebPT Billing.

Diagnosis Codes in WebPT Billing

Now, let’s review how diagnosis codes appear in WebPT Billing and how to reorganize diagnosis codes.

View Diagnosis Codes

  1. When you are reviewing a patient’s profile in WebPT Billing, you will be able to access/view the patient’s diagnosis codes within the Cases section.
  2. Double-click on the case to review the diagnosis codes.
  3. Here, you’ll be able to view the Diagnosis and Treating Diagnosis codes. The Treating Diagnosis codes won’t appear here until billable documentation has been finalized. Note: If the Diagnosis and Treating Diagnosis are the same, you will only see the code once.

Reorder, Modify, or Remove Diagnosis Codes

Once a claim has been billed, use the Error Corrections to reorder, modify, or remove diagnosis codes. Note: The order of the codes is determined by the last finalized note and can be re-ordered via Charge Review or View Charges prior to billing.

  1. To open Error Corrections, you must first search for the patient's account.
  2. Once you have selected the patient, open the Payments menu and select Error Corrections.
  3. Enter the Date(s) of Service and/or Charge ID and click Search.

  4. To edit the diagnosis codes, click on the charge ID.
  5. The diagnosis codes automatically populate with the Treating Diagnosis from the patient’s note. Scroll to the left and use the DX fields to reorder, remove, or add diagnosis codes.
  6. Once you have made your changes to the charge line, click Save.
  7. Repeat these steps for each impacted charge.

Note: Reordering the codes on the WebPT Billing case does not change how they appear on the claim, so all changes must be done from Error Corrections. 
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