WebPT Billing: Self-Service Training Courses

This comprehensive onboarding program is designed to provide a complete introduction to WebPT Billing through about 4.5 hours of coursework. Click the name of each course to open the course in the WebPT University. 

The program consists of 5 courses:

  1. System Basics
  2. Claim Submission
  3. Payment Posting
  4. Accounts Receivable Management
  5. Month End
  6. Analytics 101

Click each course title to open the WebPT University course.

System Basics (55 min)

Audience: All WebPT Billing users

  • System Overview (10 minutes): This module shows you how to log in and out of the system, basic navigation, and provides an understanding of how to use reports.
  • WebPT EMR: Billing Data Integrity (20 minutes): This module reviews key EMR setup and best practices for revenue cycle management. 
  • EMR Claim Transmissions (10 minutes): In this module, you'll review WebPT EMR's Missed Notes Report and Claims Feed Report, and how to balance copays and visits between WebPT EMR and WebPT Billing. 
  • Patient Account Overview (15 minutes): Search for a patient, navigate the Patient Account page, and troubleshoot patient accounts and charges.

Claim Submission (60 min)

Audience: Front Office and Claims Management

  • Integrated Claim Basics (20 minutes): This module covers how to work the Billing Exceptions and Incomplete Constants reports. 
  • Billing Claims (20 minutes): In this module, you'll learn how to review unbilled charges and how to submit paper claims. Tools introduced include the Charge Review worklist, the Charge Audit worklist, the Delayed Claims worklist, the Unbilled Aging report, and the Charge Updates report.
  • Change Healthcare Clearinghouse Management (10 minutes): This module shows how to use the Change Healthcare Clearinghouse portal to track electronic claim status and how to work EDI rejections. 
  • Manual Charges (10 minutes): This module covers how to manually add, edit, and delete charges. 

Payment Posting (100 min)

Audience: Payment Posters

  • Batch Payments (30 minutes): This module covers how to post insurance payments using the Batch Payments page including Standard Payments, Group Payments, and Multiple Entry Payments.
  • 835s (30 minutes): This module will show you how to handle electronic EOBs including how to release 835s, how to set up your payers, and how to manage posting errors. 
  • Unassigned Payments (15 minutes): In this module, we show you how to review and manage patient payments from the Unassigned Payments page. Topics also include moving unassigned patient payments and manually adding payments for interest, medical records fees, supplies, and insurance overpayments.
  • Account Corrections (15 minutes): This module introduces you to the Error Corrections page and shows you how to make charge-level corrections, how to move charges between cases, how to make multiple edits at once, and how to post refunds. 
  • Balance Payments (10 minutes): This module shows you how to balance payments using the My Payment Activity report, Payment Balancing report, Payment Tracking Summary report, and the Payment Audit Summary report.

Accounts Receivable Management (35 min)

Audience: AR Specialists

  • Account Follow Up (15 minutes): This module introduces several reports and tools used to locate and work outstanding balances, resolve denials, and rebill claims. Reports and tools covered include the Aging Summary report, the Open Zero Payments report, the Account Without Payment and Without Status Note report, the Demand Claims page, and the Claim Indicator page. 
  • Work Balances & Credits (10 minutes): In this module, you'll review several reports you can use to work your patient account balances and credits as well as how to use patient account flags. Reports covered include the Patient Balances Due report, Account Balance report, Open Accounts report, and Account With Credit Balances report. 
  • Patient Statements (10 minutes): This module shows covers how to create and export patient statements as well as how to use the No Statements Account Setting.

Month End (5 min)

Audience: Company Administrators

  • Month End (5 minutes): This module covers how to perform month-end procedures to close the month including reviewing the Released 835s report. 

Analytics 101

Audience: Any users who need to view financial or month-end reports

  • Accessing Analytics: Learn how to access Analytics and customize report permissions
  • Running EMR Reports: Explore the top 5 EMR reports
  • Running Billing Reports: Explore the top 7 Billing reports
  • Analytics Data Integrity: Identify EMR and Billing workflows that impact Analytics reporting (i.e. NORCM, Inactivating Patients, etc.)
  • KPIs and Admin Functions: Review the KPI dashboard, comparison charts, and benchmarking data. 
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