835 Monthly Comparison

The 835 Monthly comparison report shows the amount of payments received in 835s during the month selected, and compares those totals to the previous two months. This report is commonly used by Members who have multiple companies and can help view income changes over time. 

  1. Navigate to the Payments menu and select 835 Monthly Comparison.
  2. Select the desired Month and Year, then click Search. 
  3. Each Company Code and Company will be listed. The system will load the information for the previous year to compare to the year selected in the search criteria.
    1. The EOB date is the date the most recent EOB was received for the month selected in your search criteria.
    2. Each dated column will show the total amount of insurance payments received via the 835 file. 
  4. Print or Export the report as needed. 
    Important: This report reflects transactions posted through the previous day (End of day) per the Disclaimer located at the bottom of the page.
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