Attorney Statements

A patient may request a statement to submit to a third-party payer that is not an insurance company, this can be entities like an attorney’s office or an institution. Even though they do not accept claim forms, these third parties will need to be set up like an insurance company in order to generate a statement for payment. In WebPT Billing, these are referred to as Attorney Statements. 

In this article, we’ll cover:

Create the Third-party

  1. In WebPT, Add the third-party as an insurance plan (only Insurance Admins can complete this step). Please complete each of the required fields.
  2. In the Patient Info tab, add the third-party to the patient's insurance list.
  3. Then, attach the third-party to the Case and select the responsibility of the third-party.
  4. Click Save Patient at the bottom right corner.
  5. Note: The insurance will not flow over until a note has been finalized. 
WebPT Billing

Important: The following steps can only be completed by a Self-Service Member. If you are a RevServe/RevEquip Member, these steps will be completed for you.

  1. Once the documentation has been finalized or rebilled, the new third-party insurance will appear on the Incomplete Constants report in WebPT Billing.
  2. In WebPT Billing, select Admin, then Incomplete Constants.
  3. Select the Parent Company and Company in the search criteria.
  4. Click the Count for the Insurance line.
  5. Click on the Insurance Code to open the insurance profile.
  6. Most of the required fields will populate from the integration. Any fields outside of those mentioned below don't need to be filled out unless desired for this payer. Please review the required fields below:

    1. Insurance Name, Address 1, City, Country ID, State, Zip, and Phone Customer Service: These required fields flow into WebPT Billing from the WebPT EMR. If you need to make changes to this data, please do so in the EMR.  
    2. Insurance Class: Type in or click the magnifying glass to search for LN and select LN- LIEN.
    3. Insurance Type ID: Click the drop-down and select Other.
    4. Payer Description: Search for and select LIENA. Important: If you select LIENP, the attorney will not receive a statement. Both options will generate a patient statement.
    5. Balance Type: Click the dropdown and select Patient.
  7. Click Save at the bottom right corner.

Generating Attorney Statements

Important: The following steps can only be completed by a Self-Service Member. If you are a RevServe/RevEquip Member, these steps will be completed for you.

  1. To view/print all Attorney Statements, open the Billing menu and choose Attorney Statements. 
  2. Select the Company and click Search.
  3. This generates a list of all patients with charges open to a lien insurance.
  4. Clicking print will create a statement for each patient listed here. 

  5. When the Attorney Statement is printed, an account note will be added to each patient that was in the batch, indicating the print date and statement dollar amount. 


These types of payers will display on your A/R under the LIEN Insurance Class. 

  1. Navigate to the Reports menu and select Aging.
  2. Enter the desired search criteria and select a date range.
  3. From the search results, click the LN Insurance Class Code.
  4. The patients with outstanding A/R within the chosen Insurance Class will be displayed.
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