Location Setup

Adding a New Location?

If you need to add a new location after your initial implementation or update key location information such as name, address, or phone/fax, please fill out this form and email it to either your Success Manager or memberservices@webpt.com. This ensures that the proper updates can be made to the EMR.

Once you’ve completed your Company page setup, you’ll need to add at least one location for each Place of Service. Build a location for each treating location at your company.  Note: You may need to create additional locations outside of your physical clinics such as a 12-Home location, depending on where you treat patients. This ensures the correct Place of Service code appears on your claims.

Locations Page Setup 

The location profile consists of three main cards. Please complete the Location Information, Billing Settings, and Statement settings cards. We have provided helpful information for each of the card fields.

  1. From the Admin menu, choose Locations.
  2. Click New.
      Note: If you click the Search button on the Locations screen, the list of locations will be automatically sorted in alphabetical order by Location Description.

Location Information

Complete the Location Information card, this includes basic information about the location. 

  1. Location Code: Choose a reporting code for this location (3-5 characters). The code must not start with “Z”. We recommend that you use HOME if this location will have the 12-Home Place of Service code. 
  2. Location Name: Add the name of the location (up to 30 characters, including spaces). If adding a home location use “Patients Home”.
  3. Address: Enter the location’s address details. Verify your location address on the USPS Website. Important: We recommend including your 9-digit zip code, as we found that some payers will deny claims if the billing location address is 5 digits. 
    • Note: If the Place of Service is set to “Home” the Address, City, State, Zip Code fields are not required.
  4. Practice: Choose the appropriate practice. Depending on how you've set up your practices, you may only have one item in the drop-down. Click here to learn how to create additional practices.
  5. Exclude from Lookups: Check this box if you would like to remove this location from the Location drop-down on reports. Most Members leave this box unchecked.
  6. Is Active: Check the box to make this location active.
  7. Logo: Upload your company logo, if desired. This will only appear on receipts printed from WebPT Billing.

Billing Settings

In the Billing Settings card, enter the default billing information for this location. 

  1. Tax Identification Number: Only enter a location-specific Tax ID if this location uses a different tax ID than the company. 
  2. National Provider Identifier: NPI specific to this location
  3. Place of Service Identifier: Select the location where the service is performed, this is typically Office for treating in your clinic location or Home for patients treated at home.
  4. Claim Code: The associated place of service code that appears on your claims.
  5. Medicare Type: 
    • CORF: Comprehensive Outpatient Rehab Facility (Part A) specializing in Social Work, PT, and Speech Therapy.
    • ORF: Outpatient Rehab Facility (Part A) specializing in PT, OT, and Speech Therapy.
    • PTPP: Private practice (Part B)
  6. Default Provider Group Number: This should be left blank.
  7. Submitter ID: This should be left blank unless the location has multiple contracted NPIs with Medicare.
  8. Supply Only Charge Entry: Checking this box allows Front Office user types to only add charges with Revenue Center 4 (Supplies) on the Add Charges page.
  9. Apply Tax: ONLY applies to the locations in the state of Minnesota or Hawaii that will be charging tax.

Statement Settings

Important: You will not be able to add information to this card if you’ve chosen to Use Company for the “Statement Header Information” drop-down on the Company page.

Fill in the Statement Settings as they related to the “pay-to” information for the location. These settings allow you to use location-specific information for patient statements and are primarily leveraged when your company account contains multiple TINs.

  1. Same as Location: Check this box to use the location’s address information. The information will automatically populate based on the information entered above.
  2. Name: Enter the name of the location as you want it to appear on the patient statement.
  3. Address, City, State, Zip: Enter the address that you want to appear on the statement (only add this information if you did not check the Same as Location box).
  4. Phone, Phone Extension: Enter the phone number and associated extensions that you want to appear on the statement.
  5. Return Address Same as Location: Check this box to use the location’s address information as the Return Address on the statement.
  6. Return Address Name: Enter the name of the location for the return address line.
  7. Return Address, City, State, Zip: Enter the address that you want to use as the return address on the statement (only add this information if you did not check the Return Address Same as Location box).
  8. Statement Note: Include a Statement Note (optional).

Once you have completed all of the setup fields, click Save at the bottom right corner.


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