User Audits and User Role Updates

WebPT Billing Users with Administrator permissions can conduct a user audit or change a User’s Role permissions when necessary. 

The User Role controls an individual's access privileges in WebPT Billing.

User Audits

User auditing provides administrators with a listing of current users and the assigned role for each User. 

  1. From the Admin dropdown, select Users.

  2. Click Search for a full list of Users or narrow your list using any of the filter options: First Name, Last Name, User Name, User Type, Email, Role, or Default Company.

  3. Click Export or Print to save your list for future use.

  4. Use the User Role Overview to understand and audit the permissions for each user to determine if changes are needed to the User Type or User Role.

Find a User 

  1. Go to the Admin menu, and select Users.
  2. Type in a specific user's name in the designated fields or click Search to display all users. 
  3. Locate the user in the results list and double-click to open the user profile.

Updating a User's Role 

  1. Click the magnifying glass in order to view the list of available roles. Important: You cannot give someone a role that has more access than your own. See User Roles for more information regarding WebPT Billing User Roles. 
  2. Click Save at the bottom right corner when completed.
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