Payment Search

Payment Search allows you to run a comprehensive search for all payments received by the company. This feature is helpful for viewing payments, locating possible issues, and balancing what has been posted using key search criteria. This allows you to search 835s, payments posted via Batch Payments, and patient payments. You can also search by individual patient or specific check number.

  1. Open the Payments menu and select Payment Search.
  2. The Company field populates with the company name you are logged into. To run a payment search for another company, select the appropriate name from the Company dropdown. You must enter a Check Number and/or Patient ID in order to search for payments:
    1. Patient ID: Shows all payments posted to a patient’s account.
    2. Check Number: Shows you all payments posted under a check number. This can be really helpful in balancing payments posted for multiple patients. 
    3. Narrow your search results by combining these search criteria and/or adding a Date Type (Date of Service, Deposit Date, or Posting Date).
  3. Enter your search criteria and click Search. In this example, we are searching by Patient ID.
  4. All payments posted to that Patient ID will appear in the records shown. Note: Payments must be posted to the account(s) in order to appear on this report.
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