Account Balance

The Account Balance report provides an account-level view of the charges, payments, and adjustments for each patient as well as a clinic-level roll-up. This report can be filtered and sorted to review specific subsets of your data. 

  1. Open the AR Follow-up menu and select Account Balance. 
  2. This report shows all patients that have an account balance in the company that you are logged in to. 

Report Columns 

Each column header can be sorted and also filtered as desired. To the left of the column’s name is the filter icon, which allows you to include or exclude specific results. Click on the column header once to sort in ascending order, or twice to sort in descending order. 

Patient ID the patients account number for the system
Charges total number of charges sitting on the patients account
Payments total amount of insurance and patient payments entered
Adjustments total amount of contractual adjustments posted to the account
Patient Balance balance that is owed/expected from the patient
Insurance Balance remaining balance expected/owed by the insurance
Total Balance remaining balance

Sorting only changes the order of the column itself. Click on the to show the filter box for that column header. 

Note: Any filters/sorting added to the report will be maintained when the report is exported or printed. 

Print/Export Report 

To print or export the report, click on the button at the bottom right of your screen. Exporting the report will create a CSV file that will populate at the bottom of your screen. Clicking on the file will open Microsoft Excel. 

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